Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Learn French Fluently

Learn French Fluently - Don't Throw in the Towel...Yet(part 2)

2. A Colloquial Dictionary

Another useful tip to help you learn French fluently is to use a colloquial French dictionary. This will help you to avoid blurting out (innocently of course) something offensive or impolite in French. It will also eliminate the many moments of awkwardness such as saying to a teenager, "Excuse me, good lady, what time is it?" instead of "Hey, do you have the time?".

At any rate, using a colloquial dictionary will keep you "in the know" regarding French social and cultural norms. A colloquial dictionary is a fun way to learn some cool French words and interesting off-beat facts about France. It'll most certainly keep your motivation and focus to learn French fluently alive and kicking.

Learn French Fluently

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